Hello, my name is Atila Martins Lauar, i love photography since i was a kid where i grew up surrounded by photography books and albums of landscape and documentary photography.

Throughout many years i had many dreams, vivid dreams of being in amazing landscapes facing the monumental forces of nature. One day i decided to leave everything behind for a year and travel the world to finally meet face to face with all those wonderful places i have been always longing for.

In many of these places i went, I had the certainty of being already there, in my dreams, but at that moment i had the privilege of experiencing it all in front of my eyes. It was an overwhelming and powerful feeling.

I then decided to register all these places in the way i remember them from being there and also how they looked like in my dreams so i could share with others to inspire them in their own dreams and in their next adventures.

I hope you enjoy it.