Advertising is arrogant. Self righteous. Invasive. Annoying. Interrupting. 

Isn’t craft a responsibility to delivery at least something interesting to the consumer to see?

We are interrupting their time, craft it is a least the most decent way to say: Hey, sorry to jump in front of what is important to you, can I still 60 seconds of your time and delight you with something that will surprise you?

The industry is full of themselves, building a bunch of irrelevant content that no one wants to watch but they are forced to watch in exchange of what they want to watch.

We are becoming more and more allergic to ads. Before there were many minutes of ads in the middle of movies, but now if there is 5 seconds in the middle of YouTube video people already freak out. Meme. 

Streaming is here, and there are no ads. You pay to be free of ads. Think about that. There is nothing to be proud of.
The same with Spotify. 

Our job is not to find other ways to jump in front of people’s contents, but creating things that people will choose to consume. In different ways, different formats, different approaches. 

It is our responsibility as an industry to keep a level that is pleasant for the user, consumer.

Advertising people, you don’t need to save the world, save children in Africa, clean the oceans, end corruption, just don’t do ads like that. Show a funny one.