Whether you're a nimble startup or an established brand, a bustling large network agency or an intimate boutique firm, I'm here to help. My expertise also extends to production companies, commercial film directors, photographers, and any individual or team eager to craft a compelling narrative. Regardless of your size or industry, if you're committed to pushing the boundaries of storytelling and communication, I'm excited to join forces and explore how we can amplify your message together.

As a seasoned Creative Director with over two decades of diverse experience under my belt, I've journeyed through the realms of art and creativity to bring innovative visions to life.

My background in art direction has been instrumental in crafting narratives that not only resonate but also inspire. Along this journey, I've had the privilege of leading diverse teams, unlocking their full potential and fostering an environment of mutual inspiration with clients. Together, we embark on a collaborative quest to explore new territories, pushing the boundaries to distinctly define and differentiate your brand. My commitment is to elevate our collective efforts, setting new standards in the industry and carving out a unique space for your brand.

Brand Strategy
Your brand's journey is unique. I'm here to delve into your story, understand your ambitions, and craft a brand strategy that not only resonates with your audience but also stands as a testament to your brand's legacy. 

Brand Identity
Let's co-create a brand identity that truly reflects the essence of your vision and stands out. Through a collaborative and explorative process, I'll help you articulate your brand's voice and visual identity, ensuring a seamless symmetry that resonates with your audience and builds lasting equity.

Great advertising does more than just sell; it introduces you to new perspectives, making the familiar extraordinary and the mundane, captivating. I believe in creating advertising that not only stands out but becomes a part of what people love. It's about building for your audience, ensuring every piece is drenched in differentiation and meaningfulness. With a focus on elevated aesthetics, I strive for memorability and simplicity, distilling complex ideas into clear, impactful messages. My goal is to craft advertising that doesn't just reach the audience but resonates with them, turning every campaign into a touchstone of cultural relevance and personal connection.

I've supported various agencies across Europe in crafting compelling pitches for both local and international projects. Additionally, I've assisted production companies and film directors in refining their pitches, enhancing their storytelling and visual narratives. Following successful pitches, my role extends to leading creative teams in the development and execution of complex campaigns, ensuring seamless collaboration between stakeholders, senior management, organizational departments, marketing, executive leadership, and project management for impactful results.

With a background as a jury member at ad festivals worldwide and leading award-winning campaigns at Cannes Lions and other international festivals, I bring a unique blend of creativity and strategic insight, ensuring that every piece of work not only meets but exceeds the global standards of excellence in advertising.

Product Design
Utilizing a design thinking approach, I fuse empathy with innovation to create products that resonate deeply. My work with iconic brands like NBA, NFL, La Liga, UFC, and Disney showcases a blend of cutting-edge technology and creative leadership. I spearhead multidisciplinary teams, driving the process from prototyping to user testing, to deliver not just functional, but beautifully intuitive products that elevate everyday experiences and connect meaningfully with the user.

Content & Film
Every brand story is an opportunity to connect on a profound level, and I'm here to make that connection unforgettable. By teaming up with esteemed production companies (Stink Films, Agile, Arts & Sciences, The Salmon and others) and acclaimed film directors, I've harnessed the power of narrative to craft content that is not just high-quality and visually appealing, but also deeply resonant. My collaborations extend across the globe, working hand in hand with both local and international agencies and brands to bring these compelling stories to life, ensuring they leave a lasting impact on a diverse audience.

Innovation is fueled by a shared curiosity to venture into the unknown. By joining forces, we're not just pushing the limits of creativity; we're redefining them, weaving cutting-edge technology and AI tools into our work to not only surprise and captivate but to redefine what's possible. This integration allows us to advance further and more efficiently, optimizing our processes and setting new benchmarks in creativity and innovation.

Creative Alliances
An integral part of my approach is leveraging a vast network of exceptionally talented individuals, each a specialist in their own right, who stand ready to support and enrich our projects. This collaborative synergy ensures that we're well-equipped to tackle any challenge head-on. Being situated in Prague, Czech Republic, at the core of Europe, brings a distinctive edge to what we provide.The city is renowned for its cost-effective production services without compromising on global quality standards. This strategic location also grants us access to a pool of high-caliber talent, ensuring that every project we undertake is executed with precision and excellence.

In addition to my expertise in creative production supervision, I bring a wealth of experience across various specialized fields. My background encompasses photography production, commercial film production, design supervision, and the intricacies of 3D pipelines, CGI, and special effects. This diverse skill set allows me to oversee and elevate your creative projects with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of each medium. Whether it's crafting a visually stunning commercial, orchestrating a complex photo shoot, or pushing the boundaries with cutting-edge CGI, I'm equipped to guide your project to success, ensuring every element aligns perfectly to maximize impact and bring your vision to life with precision and creativity.

Alongside aiding agencies and creatives in pitches and campaign development, I also offer workshops in creativity, storytelling, art direction, advertising concepts, and creative strategy. These sessions are tailored for both public and private engagements (online or in-person), designed specifically for agencies looking to elevate their creative prowess and strategic thinking.