For over 40 years, Doctors Without Borders have provided humanitarian help to people around the world caught in armed conflicts, natural disasters and
epidemics. They can only do that thanks to people’s support. But not many of us are aware of that, specially the young people. 
In partnership with Spotify and Universal Music, Doctors Without Borders launched the project "Playlists for life", a series of playlists where the title of the songs compose important messages about the crucial work of Doctors Without Borders around the world, and the need for some support. 
It is a very simple idea that smartly uses Spotify as a medium to surprise young generations unaware of these problems, and inspiring them to take a part in a global effort to change the reality of thousands of people suffering everyday. 
The website was created as a platform to introduce the project and present the 6 different genre playlists: Rock, Reggae, Pop, Electronic, Mix and Hip Hop presenting artists as Kanye West, Beyoncé, Daft Punk, U2, and many other world’s biggest artists. 
Doctors Without Borders hope that their message will be listened and spread around the world driving action and expanding their network of global supporters. 
This way youngsters can make a difference doing what you love, listen to their favorite music and join Doctors Without Borders in spreading a message of hope to the world. 

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