Presenting 'Drive the Impossible,' the debut film for Mullen's newest electric marvel, the Mullen FIVE RS, revealed at CES. This high-performance EV Sport Crossover stands out with its astonishing top speed of over 200 mph and rapid acceleration, achieving 0-60 mph in less than 2 seconds.
Agency: The ID Agency
Creative Producer: Alison Howlett
VP Client Services: Josh Bulrice

Directed by: Emile Rafael
Production Company: Arts & Sciences
Executive Producers: Marc Marrie, Mal Ward, Christa M.
Head of Production: Milena Milicevic
Directors Rep West Coast: The Department of Sales, Jonathan Logan, Dexter Randazzo
Produced by: Patrick Harris

Written by: Átila Martins, Emile Rafael
Cinematography: Gus Bendinelli 
Voiced by: Johnny Neal

Edit by: Patric Ryan
Assistant Editor: Hannah Yerbury
Edit House: Marshall Street Editors

Senior VFX Supervisor: Mario Dubec
Producer: Kristyna Radkova
Grade: Ondrej Stibingr

Music Composition: Finn McNicholas 
Music Company: Felt Music
Music Supervisors: Max Beattie, Jonny Beck, Steve Spiro 

Sound by: RASCAL Rascal Post
Sound Design: Neil Johnson, Izaak Buffin 
Producer: Maddy Lebel

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