To launch the new Birell Botanicals we created an one shot film that simbolizes the creation of the product on a journey through all the ingredients that compose it. During 19 days of brewing each individual ingredient is added and leave at rest to develop the taste. From the first drops of pure water through jasmine, elderflower, bergamot, tea leaves, hops, barley, lemons and thyme before it lands on the packshot.  

To film the commercial we constructed a very intrinsic set design and to get the shot the camera had to travel through 19 meters in total and it required one of the biggest cranes available in Europe.

The claim reads: "Discover a world of evolving flavors. Try the new Birell Botanicals."
Brand: Birell Botanicals
Agency: Fallon Prague, Czech Republic
ECD: Colin Lamberton
Creative Director: Atila Martins
AD: Radim Sramek
CW: Michaela Zemlova
Accounts: Miroslav Kalig, Neringa Kuolalyte, Nastia Ladina
Agency producer: Petr Kulhavy
Production Company: Savage
Director: Marco Lutz
Making of

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